Etching machine


Product brief introduction

The etching machine consists of 5 parts: etching machine , liquid pump, large liquid tank, small liquid tank, and cupric chloride regeneration controller;

The main function of the cupric chloride regeneration controller is to avoid the direct discharge of the liquid and cause pollution, and to achieve the purpose of liquid reuse through the machine;

The role of the large liquid tank and the small liquid tank: to store the orresponding liquid;Liquid pump: provide power for liquid circulation;

Etching machine has 4 lines spray nozzles on both side,the linearity of nozzles is high precision, to ensure the sector in one face. PLC controlled, and Touch screen operation system, so easy and friendly operate.

The filter System is very good that ensure spray nozzles to avoid jam and work well for longtime, and at the same time the hydraulic pipe make sure the sector can be started and stopped very quickly, ensure the equality of etching and Improving effects of etching. Lowering liquid waste;